Thursday, January 29, 2004

"controversial" has become OVER and MIS USED.
nancy as gay lingo. -

Andrew Cohen VP original programming

STEWART: I voted for the participle not the conjunction.

Caucus/Nielsen, Heroes Balcony

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MARS: Gregg Easterbrook's Lost in Space. Project Prometheus. Ceti.

POPE and the Press - Rich. Jealous of Dalai Lama

Lou Ferrigno vs. Arnold Hulk comes out - does not do well. Arnold Terminator 3. etc.
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SPACE - Privatization - eBay guy, other BILLIONAIRES. Russian and Lance Bass. Etc.
Mars Society.
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PITCHING: The CHART on L-Word. Social Networks. Salon? Semiotics. Hair worse than Jimmy Fallon's. Ione Syke-jaw. Advocate? Mark Lombardi... Barabasi.

MOVIE IDEA - Begins with a Death. At some point - plot twist - She's alive, faked death. Shift focus away from main to background. Flip it. Resume (old) life?

POL - The Real Slim Shady:

Poor - Clark, Edwards
Rank - Clark, Kerry
Abortion - Kerry
Southern/Internationalist - Clarke
War - Dean v. All. Kerry vet
Outside - Dean

Iridology - BS?

How We Live Now - The Download - that Times piece on duplication was weak.

turner Black is somehow - TM. My friends call me.
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Character NOTES:
1) Brita Filter that was never replaced for TWO YEARS. responsible for illness, headaches?
2) Nancy and driving the car illegally. The marshall, etc.


Names for Feeding the Monster: Cole, TM, May Lee (pronounced LAY)

Naomi Klein: "No Logo" - "a race toward weightlessness"
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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Freelance pitching:

Customer Service strand, bn, FedEx (Elvin), P.O., AppleCare, Canon, My GYM, B&O. NYPL?

Karim Rashid - games. Toy Story

STandards - Cyndi Lauper, etc.

Gatekeepers & Interlopers - ?

Lexington Avenue Armory - New York or Time Out - Playboys' 50th, Art Shows, Victoria's Secret

To the Moon and Beyond - While Bush has blah, private explorations by 2 CEOs are good to go. PayPal.

The Selfish Recovery

Lou Dobbs - hypocrite?

Tales of the Tape: Kelsey Grammer vs. Larry David in Producers; Arnold vs. Lou Ferrigno.

Upcoming theater: Normal Heart, Well by Lisa Kron workshop.

Trilogy of Crumb - 2/3 AS is on DVD. noms? SALON Feb 29 awards. - Club for Growth

Pam's play in Maine for Nation

TiVo & Vonage - ? Tech T/O
Personalization/customization (TimeOut) -
Spam - do not call list.
Skype, Vonage
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